Break through your clutter:
unleash the possibilities

Do you:

  • feel stuck in a rut/job/relationship that no longer fulfills you?
  • find yourself rushing from one thing to the next without the time to catch your breath?
  • reach the end of most days wondering what you achieved?
  • get short-tempered and frustrated with yourself and others?
  • struggle to focus and put your attention to where you want it to be?
  • have goals and ambitions for your life that you haven't achieved yet?
  • sometimes lack in confidence in certain situations?
  • wish you had more time with the people who matter in your life?

Then this course is exactly for you.

Learn about my 5-step method that will get you unstuck and reaching your goals with focus and clarity!

Course content

This program contains:

  • 6 modules
  • worksheets and reflection spaces to apply the learning to you personally
  • 6 x 1-hour group call with professional coach and de-cluttering expert

Module 1: Creating space for de-cluttering

Before we do anything, the first step is to identify how we can create space for the work to be done. We need to consider how we work best, where to carve out time in our diary, and how we make the head space for our changes.

Module 2: De-cluttering our environment

In this module, we take a look at all the physical stuff in our landscape. What we find around us is often an accumulation by default rather than an active choice, and it has an impact on all facets of our lives. Let's consider the space we live and work in, and choose what we want to have in that space.

Module 3: De-cluttering our inner chatter

This is all about what goes on in our minds, whether it's information overload, a feeling of overwhelm, our inner dialog, our inner critic or the stories we tell ourselves.

Module 4: Breaking free from our digital clutter

Tech is all around us, in our pockets, on our wrists, on our desks, in our bedrooms, so let's examine our relationship with all things digital and pay attention to how it might affect us.

Module 5: De-cluttering our emotions

Emotions are what makes us human. Let's pay them some attention, harnessing them when they're useful, and letting them go when they are no longer helping us.

Module 6: De-cluttering ourselves

This final module explores areas like who we present to the world, how we perceive ourselves, and also the concept of subpersonalities and how they play out in our lives. 

Identify what your current clutter level is and how it impacts you and your life.
Work out what is holding you back from starting your de-clutter journey.
Learn about a model to make sense of the clutter and how to start taking charge.

Summer 2022 dates

All calls will take place over zoom and will start at 17:00 UK time / 12:00 noon EST.

  • Program launch: 3rd May
  • Group call 1: 10th May
  • Group call 2: 24th May
  • Group call 3: 7th June
  • Group call 4: 21st June
  • Group call 5: 5th July
  • Group call 6 and graduation: 18th July


  • What can I expect from this course?

    The program runs over 3 months, during which the course materials will be realeased progressively. The majority of the course content is presented in short written chapters, with a few videos to break up the text. This is to allow you to easily return to sections that you might want to review again. Worksheets are provided that can be either printed out or downloaded and completed electronically, depending on your preference. 6 x 1-hour group calls are included. These will allow you to complete the program with others and also ask any questions and deepen your learnings.

  • How much time do I need for this course?

    Each module contains learning material which takes about one hour to read and complete the journalling. Regular reflection points invite you to consider how you will implement the new learnings and apply them to yourself. Moving to action, depending on the area that you are tackling, can take anything from a few hours to a few months! It is a deeply personal experience that varies from individual to individual. In addition to this personal work, 6 group calls of 1 hour will take place over the duration of the program.

  • Where can I find out more about the trainer?

    You can find out more about Ingrid Pope on her website She is an ICF-credentialled coach with a life-long interest in organizing spaces (physical and mental!), and who set up her own coaching practice in 2016.

  • How long do I have access to the material for?

    Access to the material is available for as long as the course is live on the platform.

  • Who facilitates the group calls?

    All the group calls are facilitated by Ingrid Pope. The program includes 6 x 1-hour sessions after each module to embed and deepen the learnings.

  • What if I want individual sessions?

    If you would like individual 1:1 coaching sessions, please get in touch with to discuss fees and scheduling.

  • Can I buy this course as a gift for someone?

    Yes, you can absolutely buy this course for someone else. Please contact to make the arrangements.

  • I want to purchase this course for a group. How can I do that?

    Sometimes a group of colleagues or friends want to take the course together in order to create a peer group, support each other in their learnings, and create an accountability network for themselves. Discounts are available for group purchases so please contact for enquiries.

Please note:

All the courses in this academy are designed for education, personal enrichment and enjoyment. They are not intended for students with conditions like extreme hoarding behaviour or other pathologies that are better suited to therapeutic support.