Welcome to the learning academy
for Creating Space

This is the place to learn about all things de-cluttering!

My name is Ingrid Pope and I am the founder of Creating Space. My mission is to de-clutter the world of everything that gets in the way of our effectiveness, our focus, and our life.

My experience in large organizations as well as my on-going research and coaching practice have shown me that clutter can come in many forms, and that its effects can be incredibly wide-ranging and touch many areas of our lives. 

So whatever clutter you are dealing with, join me and learn how to de-clutter and reduce the noise, the stress and the busy-ness.

Do browse the academy to find the course that's right for you! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please note:

All the courses in this academy are designed for education, personal enrichment and enjoyment. They are not intended for students with conditions like extreme hoarding behaviour or other pathologies that are better suited to therapeutic support.