Get it done!

(Monthly membership - £50/month)

We all have a big project in us. That one thing we never quite get to because life is busy:

  • change jobs/get a promotion
  • start a business
  • write a book
  • clear the loft/garage/spare room
  • plan that holiday or sabbatical
  • start a hobby you've always wanted to do
  • build your confidence
  • sew a quilt
  • get fit/lose weight
  • make a career change
  • complete a home project

Are you now ready to make it happen and get your own project over the line? Let's do it together!

Join a community of others who, like you, have a project that they are just not getting done for a variety of reasons. Here is what the membership to this program will give you:

  1. access to a short course that you can come back to whenever you need
  2. a deep understanding of what is in your way and needs to be put aside to get you moving
  3. learning material around goal setting, planning and motivation
  4. worksheets and reflection spaces to apply the learning to you personally
  5. a sequence of individual, small steps that make up your big project
  6. a monthly call with the community to report on your progress, celebrate your successes and support you in keeping you going (led by professional coach Ingrid Pope)
  7. an accountability group to cheer you on
  8. full flexibility with no minimum duration of membership and no leaving charge, starting from whenever you're ready

What project are you sitting on and not getting to? 

If you want to chat about whether this might be for you, get in touch here and let's talk.

The monthly calls:

All calls will take place over zoom and will start at 17:00 UK time / 12:00 noon EST. They will be on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, schedule for 2024 below.

  • Tuesday 16th January
  • Tuesday 20th February
  • Tuesday 19th March
  • Tuesday 16th April
  • Tuesday 21st May
  • Tuesday 18th June
  • Tuesday 16th July
  • Tuesday 20th August
  • Tuesday 17th September
  • Tuesday 15th October
  • Tuesday 19th November
  • Tuesday 17th December