De-cluttering for coaches

Creating space for our clients

Do you:

  • feel like your world is out of control, with too much happening too fast? 
  • struggle to keep on top of everything?
  • feel like you never get all the tasks done that you want?
  • find it difficult to stay focused with all the demands on your attention?
  • feel like you have lost sight of the bigger picture and the purpose for what you are doing?
  • have some bigger goal in mind for yourself, but feel like there is simply no space to think about it?
  • feel overwhelmed by all the clutter in your life, and don’t know where to start to create some space?
  • notice that you are not as present with your clients as you would like to be?


Then this set of courses is for you.

I have created these courses specifically for coaches. They cover all things de-cluttering to create space for yourself and your clients. 

Whether you want more space for our own dreams, or for your existing clients, or whether you want to create space to attract new clients, these courses will show you what areas of your life might get in your way and what to do about them.

Take a look at the FREE introduction to see what to expect. The modules can then be mixed and matched according to your areas of interest.

Please note:

All the courses in this academy are designed for education, personal enrichment and enjoyment. They are not intended for students with conditions like extreme hoarding behaviour or other pathologies that are better suited to therapeutic support.